North Shore Maui: Small Business Gems

The North Shore of Maui is booming with unique and well-crafted artists. Many of them finding much of their inspiration from the tropical essence and laid back nature of life lived by the sea. I have always loved the magic in discovering a new gem whether it is from the artist directly or in a local shop.  The bangles with shells attached, postcards, beautiful floral prints.  A few of my favorites come to mind as I have channeled my love for beach, glam, bohemian fashion. While taking a break from rolling in the sand and playing in the waves, check out these local girl gang artists and essential shops on Maui:


REALM  (@realmhawaii):  A spacious and light open studio type of shop where two beautiful and strong women have created a peaceful space to display their jewelry together. Located in the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku next to Baked on Maui ( perfect place to get your caffeine fix before shopping). Walking into REALM is like a dreamland for decorating the femnine side of your soul. Both designers are down to earth and have their unique styles creating magic in the in- shop studio.

Stop by their shop:   375 W. Kuiaha Rd. Haiku Hawaii



The first jeweler is Nickoel who is behind TAURUS MOON (@taurusmoonjewelry), A collection of feminine earrings, necklaces, and arm candy. She uses powerful stones such as black tourmaline and Herkimer diamonds create one off kind pieces to bring out the astrological connectivity and Aloha in anyone that buys one of her carefully crafted designs.


FullSizeRender (1)

The second half of REALM HAWAII is LOVE ME JEWLERY (@love_me_jewelry). Natasha is an empowered soul who strives to create pieces that support women feeling their best, and showing self-love. She makes body chains, rosaries, and also includes precious stones.

FullSizeRender (4)

WINGS HAWAII (@wingshawaii):   Wings is located just before the beach in Paia Town. This store was opened by two best friends who shared the love for island culture and fashion. A beautiful collection women’s clothing and jewelry handmade on Maui by a group of behind the scenes artisan women who make it all happen. Floral prints, mermaids, precious jewels, and other locally made trinkets can be found here. All of their clothing items are one of a kind pieces, with material carefully chosen to give each item a bohemian and chic feel, all unique designs to fit your beach style on the sand and street. They truly capture the vibe of mermaids, beach bums, and island life with a bohemian vibe.

Stop by their shop: 69 Hana Highway, Paia, Hawaii

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

WILD ALOHA (@wildaloha): When was the last time you wrote some snail mail to an old friend? Wild Aloha makes this lost art a little extra special. WIth the idea of expressing love through words and creating the spirit of connection, she designs all kinds of cards dedicated to empowerment of women and bringing good vibes. All of her art is designed by herself as she gathers inspiration from the beach and nature. Catch WILD ALOHA cards in coffee shops around Paia, Wings Hawaii, and on her Etsy store.

Catch her on Etsy:

FullSizeRender (5)

JAMMIN ON MAUI(@jamminonmaui): Welcome to North Shore’s tye dye emporium. This radical shop in Paia town is the hub for radical clothing and accessories for men,women, and children.  All the tye dye creations are one of a kind and unique to each item. Their line of Aquadelics swimwear keeps you feeling  colorful out in the waves.  deck yourself out for any event in their range of accessories from top hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses. You are sure to feel like a psychedelic master with their creations.

Stop by their shop: 137 Hana Highway, Paia, Hawaii

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

SUNDAYS HAWAII (@sundayshawaii): Walking into this brand new Maui gem of a boutique, my inner creativity and expression immediately came to life.  It has that feminine jungle vibe, with fresh crisp scents, and all things to make you feel like island chic. The inner artist and daydreamer comes alive in different corners of the store. The first stop is the “botanical bar” where you can make your own unique succulent terrarium using all their mermaid treasures. The next stop in the “make your bouquet section” where you will find a collection of flora and fauna from around the island to choose from to create the most beautiful arrangement for any occasion.  “the “modern apothecary” is the section of the store to use your creative senses to create your own special scent out of oils and bath salts. They have their own recipes or make up your own! Beyond all the creative outlets in Sundays, you will find yourself among the most beautiful designers in Hawaii including, Accacia, Altar Ceramics, Alola clutches, Salt on the Rocks, Taurus Moon, and so many more to fit your tropical style. The best part about Sundays is they select a special cause to donate a portion of their proceeds to give back to the community and pay it forward! Here’s to feeling even better about treating yourself.

Stop by their shop: 105 Baldwin Ave.  Paia, Hawaii







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A young savage girl. I am a 24 year old California native that migrated to the beautiful island of Maui. You can often find me swimming, doing yoga, surfing, drinking coffee, or creating. I love exploring new ideas and topics within health,fitness, and self-love.   I have a strong passion for ocean dwelling, beach bumming, and bikini kind of lifestyle. This space is for me to write about all my adventures and give light to the wisdom I gather whilst finding my place among the world's wildflowers.  You will find a wide range of topics that all lead back to the Mind+body+soul. I have always been a creative soul. Day dreaming of new words, fresh ideas, and a desire to connect and share with this beautiful journey of light.  Join me in the magic.

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