When you know you know

All the knowledge you have has accumulated over lifetimes. It has brought you to this moment.

Trusting instincts will always come naturally. It is the light inside that guides us all on our highest path.

The best practice is to listen to this instinctual voice. It is a gift when you feel it come to you. By no process can you receive this natural power to sense what is right and wrong. Listen to your mind and listen to your instincts. Watch how often your mind betrays your own natural innate voice.

I promise it will not shout, it will not make a scene, although your gut feeling will tell you directly.  There will be pulsing sensation that runs through the body.

This voice resides in the heart, not the mind. The mind will try to be logical, reasonable, sensible. Your intuition is not a product of the mind. The heart will tell you your truth.

Ask yourself this? In any given situation do you listen to your intuition? do you let thought talk you out of it?

Manifesting a new reality is hard sometimes when you are going against your mind’s processes.

Wake up for that 6am run. Because your intuition tells you it is right, it is what is good for you. Don’t listen to the mind that tells you to get more sleep.

Many times, success in life is in our hands, but we choose to deny that instinctual pull towards greatness.

It mind seem scary to betray the mind that tells you to stay in your comfort zone. Have a little faith in your soul voice. Give it a chance to awaken what conditioned thought practice cannot. When you know, you know.

XX Namaste Warriors


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A young savage girl. I am a 24 year old California native that migrated to the beautiful island of Maui. You can often find me swimming, doing yoga, surfing, drinking coffee, or creating. I love exploring new ideas and topics within health,fitness, and self-love.   I have a strong passion for ocean dwelling, beach bumming, and bikini kind of lifestyle. This space is for me to write about all my adventures and give light to the wisdom I gather whilst finding my place among the world's wildflowers.  You will find a wide range of topics that all lead back to the Mind+body+soul. I have always been a creative soul. Day dreaming of new words, fresh ideas, and a desire to connect and share with this beautiful journey of light.  Join me in the magic.

One thought on “When you know you know

  1. Love this so much! We often disregard our gut feeling and our intuition. We let reason get in the way and more often than not, we end up regretting it. I too constantly try to remind myself that my “intuition IS my superpower!”

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