Connect Beyond Differences

As we grow through experiences, new truths are constantly being revealed. They are always there, but waiting for us to reveal them.Β  My passion is about living these truths more deeply, and I am always intrigued to know myself in a better light so I can be more connected with humans as a whole.

Firstly, everything I write is because of a learning process I am experiencing within, and writing is a beautiful chance to express this.

Differences: It has always been hard for me to understand other people who are completely different than I.Β  Compassion is easy for a day, and then I become challenged again. The ego gets out of check. The moment that someone has a different way of approaching life, it makes me (ego) uncomfortable. It has always been hard to stand back to observe without judgment. I want to “fix” people in the best way I know how. Everyone’s truth is different and thinking that way will never heal the world.

Ask these questions:

What is my personality really? Is it a thing of existence? Is it actually my truest and highest self?

Imagine your voice sounded differently, would that change your personality and the way people viewed you? If so, then how can we so easily take anyone’s personality and use that a channel for judgment. Imagine we were all born into different situations, countries, religions, social backgrounds: What part of ourselves would have remained the same?

Your vibration, your personal rhythm, your soul. That is unwavering and is what we must seek in others. Find their soul, for it moves us beyond the fore front of ego and personality.

On another note, it is of the upmost importance to spend quality time with ourselves. This time is essential to heal, to reveal, to love, to do whatever thinking and processing is necessary. Whatever medium you use to connect with yourself, do that. As much as needed to uncover our truth and our soul.Β  Learning ourselves, even the uncomfortable details will make interactions with life so much more meaningful. The connection with others becomes so much more valuable, without carrying the weight of untapped knowledge about ourselves.

Creating space to join together in our truths that bring us together. Truths that we are all deserving of love, we all need understanding, we all need to be heard.

XX Namaste Warriors


Kauai Therapy

Happppy happpppy to back go the garden isle to have playtime in the ultimate dreamland ! In need of new inspiration from the elements, making time to create space for fresh new energy, washing and cleansing the old, constantly chasing a more open mind , allowing happiness to run through like a channel, reminding myself that no one will give freedom, that l have to allow it to be true and whole, freedom comes from truly liberating the self from attachments, from complete gratitude for the present moment as it is πŸŒΈπŸŒΏβš‘οΈπŸ’¦πŸš GET LIBERATED my friends, it feels really good.

Life in Alignment

In yoga, we are taught that one of the most important parts of the physical practice is alignment. With every pose, it is important evaluate the body. Scan from fingertips to toes, noticing what is out of place, what is become strained, what muscles could be tightened up.

This very same concept is so important to take with us off of the mat.

As we arrive to the current moment, approaching a period that traditionally changes and reflections are established. Β Ask yourself these simple questions..

Where is your guiding attention at? What do you consider the main driving force upon your efforts? What are your goals and values organized around?

My main driving focus to help cultivate higher awareness in all aspects of life Mind + Body +Soul within myself and others using forms of artistic and physical expression.

Do your actions in every present moment and breath align with the path that you choose for yourself?

I strive to make the right choices and changes to discover more potential on my path.

What is your ultimate vision for yourself? Do you manifest this and believe in it fully and so much that others see it too?Β 

I openly believe that with strong diligence there is a way to make a connection with each individual and offer something to their path.

I encourage you to make it point to answer these questions weekly, if not daily. In times where there is an infinite amount of information to be processed, this is the most valuable information to know.

Make a list of your habits, and scan what you actually do in a day. Just like on the yoga mat, we assess where we are, and make the necessary changes to better align ourselves.

Most importantly FEEL EXCITED about this. It is absolutely a gift that we have the opportunity to forever make shifts in our own reality. Creating ourselves in a more perfect alignment.

XX Namaste Warriors

It’s OK to Be Busy

” Sorry I can’t. Im doing yoga, blogging, working, cooking, finding passions.”

Talking about something that has been on my mind and heart for awhile. I have run into so many friends over the past few months, instantly feeling the guilt rising as I know we haven’t spent any time together for far too long. I haven’t reached out to make time to ask about their lives, to catch up, hang out.

It bothered me as I slowly felt my pool of friends that I used to spend time with on the daily dwindle into oblivion, and you know what? It’s ok.

Positively speaking, It’s ok to be busy. It’s ok to not explain to anyone what you’ve been up to. Β I finally decided that to make the necessary progress in my life, I needed a change and redirection of focus.

Personally I needed to create that space for growth. I needed to choose to do yoga, start a blog, journal, self-develop, plan dreams and make changes..

I realized that happy hours and friday nights out are not in alignment with the plans and dreams I am working to achieve. The social pressures to be involved, spend money, drink, eat, socialize are all there to fill blank spaces. To fuel the ego and not the soul.

I decided that being busy was something I wasn’t guilty of anymore, but actually satisfied with myself for making stronger choices to invest in change and put my present moments towards something that would help me in my future.

Balance is key. I have worked to find good people that I can do the things I love with, like surfing and yoga. I encourage all the people in my life to stay focused and keep working to make your dreams happen. Friends that support personal growth and working to strength their mind+body+soul.


xxNamaste Warriors

Christmas Morning Beach Clean

Please take a moment to look at this photo. A few facts: 1. This all was collected by myself in just an hour and a half and @helle_norgaard_poulsen Also got a bag full! 2. It may not look like huge pieces , but the smallest pieces of plastic, being the most harmful to turtles and fish take the longest to pick up! (Look up microplastics) 3.This can all be greatly avoided by everyone (including myself) doing their best to REDUCE all plastic use 4. Next time you see plastic, pick it up, big or small… it does make a difference and Baldwin looked so much more clean and beautiful for all who walked and enjoyed the gifts that Maui offers. >> A new year focus for me, I will be hosting monthly beach cleans and making more conscious effort to reduce as much of my footprint as possible. Working to further educate myself more and join together as a community to stand strong for real issues. Whatever it is that you do to reduce your footprint>> Use your voice, hands, feet to show you care and share it all around. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸŒβœ¨πŸŒŠπŸ¦‹πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ’¦πŸšπŸ³πŸ¦ˆπŸŒ΄πŸŒžπŸŒˆ Follow on Instagram @savagebutterflies_ to keep up with my eco journey and share your photos with me. How do you save the world?


Reflecting on this past year, the most prominent topic that comes up is personal growth. I have honestly asked myself what I am most passionate about. What sets my soul on fire the most and how I can use this passion to help make a difference in the world.

Personal growth is a never ending journey that makes life exciting. It is an inward spiral that takes all of us on a path to discovery. It is true that everything we need to know about ourselves and the world is already inside of us. Our true raw nature is available whenever we are ready to surrender to these truths and make the space in the body and mind to discover.

I will now be hosting personal growth workshops through my blog that will be available every other month, each week focusing on a specific area go development. As I continue to provide these workshops, I will be growing with you and putting in the same thought and understanding.

I want to make myself available to any and all readers who participate, and I also want these workshops to be the most beneficial for you. What would you like to learn more about: meditation,intention setting, self discovery, health tips, philosophy?

I do not claim any expertise and these workshops will be based solely on my own experience and acquired knowledge as I flow through the weeks with you.

The first workshop will be available in FEBRUARY 2018! Β  Β PLEASE,PLEASE write me, talk to me and let me know what you feel you need guidance in your life. I am open, I am here, I am available and non-judgmental for you.

xx Namaste Warriors